Alarm & Security System Services

We offer a variety of alarm & security services from residential to business. We have over 30 years experience in Calgary setting up the right solution for whatever needs you may have.

Smoke / Water Detection

We install strategically placed detectors that provide full coverage for your house or business. These devices are tied into the alarm system so that even if you’re not home, our monitoring service will contact you when one of them is triggered.


Our 24/7 monitoring service ensures that your property is constantly in good hands. Should a problem arise, our monitoring station will give you a call and/or contact the police if the situation requires. Our professionally trained monitoring centre will provide a quick response to any situation.

Home Automation

After recently partnering with, we now offer home automation solutions that can be controlled and monitored through your mobile devices. From lights, alarms, cameras and thermostats, you can easily see the status of your home or control the various services you have connected.

System Upgrades

Have an older system? No problem, we can easily upgrade your current alarm system to the newest and most secure technology. All of our services are able to be added to an upgrade, even home automation!

Glass Break Detectors

We offer top of the line glass break detectors that will not only trigger your alarm but notify our trained monitoring station as well. Ideal for businesses with store front windows and back laneways.

Temperature Detection

These subtle detectors monitor the high and low temperatures in your home or business and notify you when temperatures are approaching dangerous levels that could cause your pipes to freeze.

Motion Detectors

A standard in most homes and businesses, these allow us to monitor any movement inside your home when your away. Running off of infrared technology, these detectors offer superior motion detection that can cover any room in your house.

Battery Upgrades

Did you know batteries have an expiration date? We did. Most older systems can be revitalized with a simple battery upgrade.

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